Owning a home is a big step that involves a huge long term financial commitment. It’s one of the most important decisions you will make. Whether you are buying your first home, your next home, or your second home our team has created a process to help guide you through your purchase and make it as stress free as possible. We care about our clients and most importantly we listen to your needs and work closely with you to help find your perfect home. Contact Athena to help guide you through your next real estate purchase.


Below is a summary of the 8 critical steps to owning your home!  As your agent Athena will guide you through each step.

  • Mortgage Pre-Approval

    A loan pre-approval tells you how much home you can afford to buy.  A pre-approval letter must accompany a contract. Athena can help put you in touch with qualified lenders who will help you choose the best loan program for you.

  • Property Selection

    Athena will help you put together a list of your wants and needs in a home, determine type and style of home you are looking for, identify areas or neighborhoods in which you wish to purchase a home and set a price range.  Athena will provide you with a FREE property search account with homes that meet your criteria. You will receive daily emails with updates on homes available that meet your criteria.

  • Showings

    As you find homes that you are interested in previewing Athena will coordinate a scheduled tour to preview the homes.  As you preview the homes Athena will walk you through each home and provide professional feedback on each home.  A detailed preview packet will be provided to you prior to each tour with detailed information on each home so that you can take detailed notes on each property and use it to help compare properties you have seen.  This will be helpful when comparing homes and making a final decision on which home to purchase.

  • Offer to Purchase

    Once you have identified the home you want to purchase, Athena will prepare a contract specifying the details of your purchase of the property.  The offer will include all contingencies, such as home inspection, radon, termite, etc.  The offer will also be accompanied by an earnest money deposit check.  Once the offer is completed and signed by you, Athena will present it to the seller’s agent.

  • Contract Acceptance

    The sellers will review your offer to purchase and will either accept your offer by signing and ratifying your offer, reject your offer, or counter offer by modifying one or more of the terms in your offer to purchase.

  • Select Settlement Attorney

    The settlement attorney’s role is to coordinate all parties involved in the transaction for sale and conduct settlement.

  • Mortgage Approval

    Your lender will request an appraisal to confirm the value of the home you are buying.  The lender will collect documentation from you and coordinate the final approval of your loan.

  • Moving Day

    On moving day Athena will coordinate a final walkthrough and attend settlement.  This is the day you will receive the keys to your new home!



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